Stating the obvious

Carpe Iter Itineris So obviously “carpe” means “seize” in Latin. I’m sure you’ll surmise that “iter itineris” means, “the journey.” I know, it’s probably a bit expected, but I couldn’t think of anything more fitting. Plus, it sounds kind of cool and intellectual, although I promise I’m neither of those things. But I’ll make a deal with you. If the journey itself inspires a better, more suitable name I’ll change it to do it more justice.

The begining of the blog

This blog will follow our journey on motorcycle from Cape Cod across the Canadian wilderness, through the Yukon and into Alaska. We’ll ride the Hall Road to the Arctic Circle and then turn around and head south into Big Sky Country (Montana). Meandering down the Glacial pass of the Sun Road we’ll make a quick stop at a family reunion (not ours) and ride back to Cape Cod through the Dakotas and past the Great Lakes. All told we should rack up about 11,000 miles. As I sit down to... Read The Rest →

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