Uganda Trip – Part 3 – Into Karamojo

The need is great

It was Monday and the first day of our work in the field. We’d be traveling out of the town of Kotido and deeper into the Karamojo region. We drive, 10 of us packed like sardines across two bench seats in the back of the Land Cruiser, down the rough, red snake “road” through green bush country. The Karamojo region sits atop a plateau, and at 4,100 feet green bush stretches as far as you can see, interrupted occasionally with dramatic rock outcroppings. The roads through this region are what... Read The Rest →

Uganda Trip Report – Part 2 – Sunday in Kotido


    Our accommodations were a guest house complex at the Church of Uganda – or owned by them anyway – and so it was simply called “Church of Uganda”. They were simple accommodations, but admittedly better than what I had expected. They were clean, we each had our own bathroom and they were cute round huts with thatched roofs. We didn’t have running water for over half the time we stayed there, but hey, it was an experience. Thankfully, the day following our arrival in Kotido was Sunday. The... Read The Rest →

Uganda Trip Report – Part 1

Children roadside while we waited to cross the river on the way to Kotido

Inception to Kotido - I can’t be sure exactly where the idea for the documentary came from. All I know is that before I knew it, what had begun as a seemingly ridiculous inkling in the back of my mind had taken shape into a notion and a hope. Perhaps more than a year ago a friend asked me if I’d be willing to help a small organization doing water projects with the design of a logo. Sure, I agreed, eager to help but also always enjoying a new project.... Read The Rest →

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