Happy Van Life!

Happy Van Life!

If I’m honest, this story starts back in 2009. That was the year that I rode 12,500 miles on my BMW F800GS from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Alaska and back. That was when I first learned about the Pan American Highway. Somewhere north of the Arctic Circle we ran in to a wiry German fellow on a bicycle, who was making the last push north and finishing his year-long journey on bicycle from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina all the way up. That was it. It didn’t take long for my... Read The Rest →

A Water Filter Won’t Change the World


The decision to go to India was not one I made easily. I had all these questions: What’s my motivation? What will I REALLY be doing there? Does it even make a difference? Am I really wanting to go for selfish reasons? Am I contributing to the controversy about white people and “voluntourism”? But mostly, what could I possibly hope to accomplish? After closely inspecting my motives I honestly concluded that they were not entirely altruistic. Indeed, whether volunteering locally or half way around the world, I get something out... Read The Rest →

Uganda Trip Report – Part 1

Children roadside while we waited to cross the river on the way to Kotido

Inception to Kotido - I can’t be sure exactly where the idea for the documentary came from. All I know is that before I knew it, what had begun as a seemingly ridiculous inkling in the back of my mind had taken shape into a notion and a hope. Perhaps more than a year ago a friend asked me if I’d be willing to help a small organization doing water projects with the design of a logo. Sure, I agreed, eager to help but also always enjoying a new project.... Read The Rest →

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