Playing Catch-up

I’ve been neglectful in my posting. It’s amazing how exhausting this adventure stuff can be and quite honestly, I think I had run a little out of steam. When we started I would stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning and write updates while James snored beside me. But the ritual of setting up and taking down camp every day and long days of riding started to wear me out so something had to give for a bit. No complaints though – every bit has been absolutely amazing... Read The Rest →

The Lost World

Cassiar Highway Along this trip we’ve seen some amazing things so far. It’s hard to believe that things can keep getting better, but they do. The ride from Watson Lake down the Cassiar highway over to Stewart and Hyder (on the Alaska and Canada border) was absolutely phenomenal. It would be impossible to describe it to any degree of justice and I’m certainly no photographer. To my dismay, every time I take a photo of something that looks amazing in person it never quite captures it. I’ve developed a real... Read The Rest →

Look Ma, I’m on "Top of the World."

From pics – day 17-21 From pics – day 17-21 Fairbanks to Dawson City – Top of The World Highway After our journey to Prudhoe Bay and back we stopped for the night in Fairbanks where we did laundry, removed a few layers of dirt off the bikes and changed the oil again. For as much as Anchorage impressed me, Fairbanks did not. It was an good place to get some maintenance done and find a pizza joint for dinner. We were still traveling with Detlif, the German doctor, since... Read The Rest →

A Note on Bug Collecting

Sometimes I wonder if we are not more on a bug collecting adventure than anything else. By the end of the day I can barely see through my face mask and the bikes are usually covered in a disgusting fuzzy pelt of bug guts and wings. Interestingly, bug guts come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from bright yellow all the way to purple. I have the unique ability to not only get bugs on the outside of my face shield while riding but, disturbingly, on the inside as... Read The Rest →

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Days 15 & 16Sunday, July 12/Monday, July 13 Veni, Vidi, Vici We came, we saw, we conquered. We’d come down to it. This is the adventure. We started the day outside of Coldfoot Camp with 240 miles of dirt and gravel between us and the Arctic Ocean. When I close my eyes and imagine what Alaska might look like, this is it. All that I could imagine and more. The scenery is beautiful to the point of distraction – a dangerous thing when negotiating potholes, gravel and washboard road. Small... Read The Rest →

The Last Great Highway on Earth

Day 15 – Saturday, July 11 Dalton Highway “Over four hundred miles of gravel, winding through the arctic wilderness. The lifeline of the Trans Alaska Pipeline, driveway for rural residents, and gateway to Earth’s most magnificent wilderness region. Truckers, miners, and indigenous residents working together against the elements to help each other subsist. More traveled by caribou than man. The last great highway on Earth.” – quote found at the Yukon River Camp From pics-day15-16 We left Fairbanks, a new day, a fresh start. Yesterday was rough for me. Nothing... Read The Rest →

Denali – Anchorage to Fairbanks

Day 14 – Friday, July 10 The ride through Denali was beautiful as we made our way from Anchorage to Fairbanks. In the distance we can see the big white peak of Mt. McKinnley surrounded by her siblings. We stop to read about those that have scaled her 20,000 feet. Here the tourists from the cruise ships are brought for the day by bus and at one stop we become part of the attraction – dirty motorcyclists on an Alaska adventure. The air is more clear and you can smell... Read The Rest →

Land of Extremes

Day 12/13 – Wednesday/Thursday, July 8/9 The Alcan continues north from Tok into Fairbanks but we take a turn south towards Anchorage. We have tires waiting for us in Anchorage – knobby tires which will be better suited for the terrain further north. We’ve had plenty of fellow motorcycle travelers so far, but few will head as far north as we will and the road will get lonelier. We left Tok and headed for Anchorage. The road is lined with fireweed, a purplish wild flower. Behind that rows of aspen,... Read The Rest →

Midnight Sun

Day 11 – Tuesday, July 7 We are in Alaska – finally! I’m sitting here at our camp table, it’s almost one in the morning and it’s still light out. You know in theory that Alaska summer days are long, but it’s a different thing to experience it. And as I sit here, it’s hard for me to keep in mind how late it is. Even more amazing is that I can hear wolves howling not too far in the distance. Today we rode from Whitehorse in Canada’s Yukon province... Read The Rest →

This Adventure Stuff is Hard Work

Day 10 – July 6 From pics – day 10 The highway took us from B.C. to the Yukon, back to B.C. and then to the Yukon again – guess it couldn’t make up its mind! We made it to Whitehorse for the night. It was actually a lighter day of riding – only 380 miles compared to 400 plus most days so far. We’re on day 10 of our trip – almost 1/3 of the way through. It’s hard to believe that we’ve come this far and exciting that... Read The Rest →

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