Playing Catch-up

I’ve been neglectful in my posting. It’s amazing how exhausting this adventure stuff can be and quite honestly, I think I had run a little out of steam. When we started I would stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning and write updates while James snored beside me. But the ritual of setting up and taking down camp every day and long days of riding started to wear me out so something had to give for a bit. No complaints though – every bit has been absolutely amazing – a little bit of exhaustion and all.

For those of you that have been watching our spot tracker you’ll notice that we are currently in Apple Valley, Minnesota. My last update was about the Cassiar Highway, but we have since gone through Canada’s Jasper and Banff national parks as well as Glacier National Park in Montana. Both beautiful places and I have plenty to share about them. I’ve decided that it would be worth dedicating a trip just to British Columbia – there’s so much beauty to see.

We’ve since been through Montana and North Dakota and we are currently visiting my aunt and cousins in Minnesota, an extra treat along the way. Staying just for one night, it’s been good company, a warm bed and a clean load of laundry. We’ll be off to Chicago tonight. My back tire isn’t lasting as long as we had hoped and we’ll have to do a swap there so I can make it home. James and I will split up on Friday. He will continue home and back to work to get ready to take off to OCS on August 13. I will head to Indianapolis to see my grandparents and aunt there for a couple of days. Then I’ll make my way home on my own.

I’m hoping to catch up on the blogging while I’m in Indy. I really do have so much to share. More than just about the last few places that we’ve been, I have to tell you why this has been so amazing. I’ve had plenty of time to marinate on these things while riding. It’s amazing how comtemplative you can get after several hundred miles on the bike. And being the rather “thinky” (as FuzzyGalore put it) individual I am I can get carried away.

More to come….


  • Sucha cliff hanger you leave!! I cant wait for what you’ll write next! Major life desisions revealed? Life philosophies shared? OH HURRY UP AND TELL!!

    PS- Um, riding bike alone home?… I know your quite the independent woman my friend, but you’re making me nervous!!

  • Getting close girlfriend, bet you can’t wait to sleep in your bed huh?

    The weather here has been cloudy and not so hot. Today was 71 degrees and the rain has finally arrived.

    Be sure to give me a call when you get settled in. I have a nice bottle of Shiraz waiting to be opened.

    Take care, Veronica

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