A new day, a new rule.

New rule: no stopping without getting gas.

Wish us luck – it’s still raining.

Here are pics from the the last couple of days. I had some great ones of Montreal but for some reason the camera didn’t save them.


  • James and Shana,
    thanks for the updates and sharing your adventure with me. I am ho0oked so please dont stop the blogging and the pictures. Have a great trip and be safe…. James next time you need to hitchhike :)


  • You guys should turn this into a book…James you had to be out of your mind wondering where Shana was! Monday morning quarter-backing you on this is all I can do, but why not empty the gas out of the one bike into the other…could you have made it to town with one bike and both gas loads?

    Easy for me to say the should-ofs…I’m sitting in a dry house, without bugs feeding on me and when its dark I flick on the light to read your next adventure.

    Anyway, you guys rock! Keep going!!! James – like we talked about, if you guys want to park it for a week in a resort and FEDEX your GPS tracker to Alaska and back to MA to “complete” your adventure – I wouldn’t blame you :) ` jk…lol

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