Settling in for the long haul

We did it. It’s hard to believe, but we actually got all packed up and on the road today. And only 3.5 hours later than our planned departure – that’s almost a record for us!

The thing about starting a big adventure ride is that it starts the same way as any other ride. Well, aside from the gear laden bikes and months of planning. You hop on and start out of your driveway, down your street and through your neighborhood. It actually takes quite some time into the trip before it really starts to set in that you won’t be “there yet” for a long while.
Today’s ride was from Cape Cod to Montreal. We hit New Hampshire and Vermont on the way up to Canada. Vermont looked amazing. It seems totally underrated as far as I’m concerned. You never hear of people going to Vermont for vacation, but it really is quite stunning. We were midway through Vermont when the sun started to set. You know that perfect light? The sun was illuminating the white poplar tufts that were hovering softly in the air, weightless, and it almost felt like time had stopped but we were still moving. Does that make any sense? Have you seen it in movies where everyone else is in slow motion except for the main character? That’s what it felt like.
James and I, who are convinced that we’ll miss every momentous childhood photo moment when we do eventually have kids because we never quite get it together to take pictures, have made a concious effort to take photos along the way. Matter of fact, we may have gone over the top with 2 still cameras, an HD camcorder and a GoPro sports video camera that can mount to the bikes or helmets.
Anyway, at one point we passed a river and dam in Mistook, Vermont. It drew us and it was time for a break anyway. We managed our way off the highway to the back end of the dam where hiked a bit following the sound of the water and climbed over the river on train bridges to get a better view. Here are some pics of today’s ride:


  • The GPS tracker is awesome, I was able to see where you guys were screwin around instead of pinnin’ it, braaaaaaappppp!!! Great write up Shana, I know it’s you writing it cuz if it was James it would have just said “Whatever…”

    Pat “Oil Can” Daniels

  • I’m glad to see you guys making progress. It looks like your riding some long days but if the weather is decent your probably having a blast. Even if it’s dogcrap, it’s better than a day at work…

    Pat “T-Bone” Daniels

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